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Cambridge Analect

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Perhaps one of the most fascinating things for you to know about Dennis Miller's work, which is a digital video that plays in the restaurant (it alternates with Mark Stock's piece) is that he created this HD animation while on safari in east Africa with no electricity during the night with limited Internet access and a flakey new Mac. This piece was produced as a result of Freepoint Hotel Cambridge, Tapestry Collection's partnership with Boston Cyberarts.
Analect is a series of multiple individual animations that were sequenced based on similarity or contrast between successive works. It has a "reverse arch" form, wherein the opening and ending incorporate quicker material, while near the middle, the animations are slower in pace.
About the Artist:
Dennis H. Miller is on the music faculty of Northeastern University, where he teaches courses on a range of topics including the music of The Beatles, The History of Electronic Music, and multimedia production.
Artist Statement:
My work in animation is based on my background as a composer of modern concert music. Many of the techniques I use in my music are applied to my visual artworks, particularly in how the animations are structured - each typically has a beginning, middle and end, even though there is no specific narrative or story being told.
The visual material in Analect was created using a software program called Artmatic, which allows the user to determine precisely how much control he/she wants to have over the generation of the images. All elements of color, pace and positioning on the screen were determined by me, while other aspects of the work, including the basic forms and shapes being used, were created "in collaboration" with the software. Of course, I maintained final approval of all material that appears in the work.
Woman with Cape
Innovation in Cambridge
Birds, Composition 3
Fluid | Plastic
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