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Cambridge Birds, Composition 3

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Colorful Birds Brightening Up The Streets of Downtown Cambridge

The Freepoint shuttle is not just convenient, it's artful! This larger than life display on the Freepoint Hotel Cambridge, Tapestry Collection shuttle not only brightens up the outside of our building, but the streets of Cambridge as we take guests to and from Alewife Station and Harvard Square.
About the Artist:
Mireli is an illustrator, children's book author, educator and scientist with a Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. Born in Ecuador, and having lived in the New York/New Jersey area since 1987, Mireli moved to Cambridge in 2002. A local in the community, Mireli has illustrated numerous books including, Creative Montage and Birds. She also illustrated and wrote a children's book, The Jungle Dream. Each of the images in Mireli's work is hand designed and hand colored and then the entire composition is assembled in Photoshop. Learn more about Mireli by reading her artist statement or by visiting her website.
Artist Statement:
Every creative flash has a different process. For me, quietness and stillness are key elements. I enjoy the meditative process of drawing and painting.
I began drawing and painting very early. By age ten, I was drawing and painting greeting cards for family and friends. I pursued design after high school, but discontinued my studies to travel. After starting a family, I returned to university and earned a PhD in science. Through the years, I always turned to art in my spare time. My current goal is to unite my passions for art and science incorporating both into my work.
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Birds, Composition 3
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