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Cambridge fluid | plastic

Freepoint Hotel Cambridge, Tapestry Collection worked with local non-profit arts organization Boston Cyberarts for this entrancing video installation, comprised of two separate video pieces that alternate by time of day. Projecting on the wall in Freepoint Kitchen & Cocktails, the pieces will give you something to talk about during your meal besides the delicious food and drinks.
Mark J. Stock's artwork is very process-intensive, and involves highly-computational explorations of the patterns of nature, exploring the intersection of the seemingly-opposing paradigms of physical and virtual worlds, of fluid and solid, matter and information, and life and algorithm. He eschews the ‘black box' nature of commercial software-his work is exclusively created with scientifically-accurate research software, mostly of his own design.
About the artist:
Mark J. Stock is an artist, research scientist, and consultant at a Virtual Reality Laboratory. He lives in Boston, and has a studio in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Artist Statement:
"fluid | plastic" is a purely digital simulation of the physics of mixing fluids. The terms describe two specific classes of motion, each of which is present in the simulation in varying degrees. Periodically this mixing mass reveals words-both scientific and evocative-representative of the medium. But what might occur effortlessly in the real world, here requires about two million billion carefully-organized arithmetic calculations performed on a digital computer. The crafting of algorithms to coordinate this calculation and the exploration of these algorithms' actions are at the heart of my work.
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Innovation in Cambridge
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Fluid | Plastic
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