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10 Things to do in Cambridge This Spring 2022

Posted by: Freepoint Hotel Cambridge
01 Apr
10 Things to do in Cambridge This Spring 2022
Located across the Charles River from Boston, Cambridge has an altogether different vibe from the city's hub. From its historic squares to the world-famous Harvard University, Cambridge has plenty to offer for those looking to explore. Whether you're looking to browse the art galleries, learn more about history, or looking to unwind at some of the best clubs and restaurants in the city, Cambridge has it all.
Let's look at ten amazing things to do this Spring.

Meet New People at Harvard Square

This iconic location is a bustling epicenter packed with interesting bookstores, boutiques, cafes, restaurants, bars, and students, as the university borders touch one side of the square. You can stroll across the square to witness the lively atmosphere and talk to new people. You are sure to be entertained!

Explore Art at the Harvard Art Museums

Enjoy an eclectic experience at Arthur M. Sackler, Fogg, and Busch-Reisinger museums, making up the Harvard Art Museums. With pyramid-shaped glass ceilings, prepare to be stunned by this fantastic place designed by award-winning architect Renzo Piano. Check out sculptures and decorative arts, American and European paintings, and Bauhaus-related materials among the 250,000 pieces on display.

Stop By at the Longfellow House Washington's Headquarters

If you love American history, this is a must-visit. Presently owned by the National Park Service, the house features original, well-preserved Longfellow family furniture. It served as General George Washington's headquarters back in the day and was home to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, a renowned poet. Learn more about the region's rich history by visiting the Longfellow House.

Check Out the Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology

Spend 1-2 hours looking at the largest surviving artifacts assemblage collected from Native American people during the Lewis and Clark expedition. You will appreciate the two-for-one ticket that allows combined admission to the adjoining Harvard Museum of Natural History.

Visit the MIT Museum

Enrich your knowledge by learning more about maritime history, robotics, holography, and photography at the MIT Museum. Don't forget to visit the 5,000-square- foot Mark Epstein Innovation Gallery that exhibits MIT's most current research and technological developments.

Take The 'Hahvahd' Tour

Learn about 'Hahvahd' (pronounced "Harvard" by the students in Cambridge) as the students take you on the university's tour. Witness marquee Harvard landmarks, such as the Widener Library, Johnston Gate, and Winthrop Park.

Visit The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T)

Enjoy poignant plays, American dramas, and musicals with your date at the American Repertory Theater. Famous playwrights like Fuentes, Chekhov, and Fo have performed at A.R.T.

Check out Toscanini's

Treat your tastebuds with 32 delicious chocolate options at this modern shop located around central Cambridge's MIT campus corner. Try their B3 flavor, a mix of brown sugar and brownie fudge that melts inside your mouth.

Tour With the Charles Riverboat Company

Witness captivating views from Boston Harbor and the Charles River Basin and learn about the area's rich maritime history. Don't forget the mesmerizing views from the 60-minute guided Charles River Tour that provides amazing views of Boston University, Beacon Hill, Harvard University, and Esplanade Park.

Relish in the French Vibe at Bondir

If passing through Bourgogne, don't miss this simple, cozy, and small farmhouse-turned restaurant with colorful flowers on earth ware pots and hand-made dishes. You will love the vibe!

Make the Most of Your Cambridge Trip with Freepoint Hotel

From vibrant performing arts to museums and rich history, Cambridge delivers. If visiting Cambridge this Spring, book your stay at Freepoint Hotel Cambridge, Tapestry Collection Hilton - minutes away from the best landmarks, museums, shops, and restaurants.
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