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Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in Cambridge-Boston Area (2020)

Posted by: Freepoint Hotel Cambridge
16 Nov
Top Thanksgiving Restaurants in Cambridge-Boston Area (2020)

Looking for a perfect place in Boston for Thanksgiving dinner? At Freepoint Hotel Cambridge, we put you within minutes of the best restaurants in the Cambridge and Boston areas to celebrate and keep the holiday vibe alive.

Best Restaurants for Thanksgiving Dinner
This year is different. So restaurants in Boston are taking all measures to make your holiday exciting. Most restaurants are taking orders and happy to bring the traditional turkey meal to your home.

Find the unique and chef-inspired Thanksgiving meal kit on your table in minutes. Orders can be placed anytime through Saturday, November 21st.

Location: 510 Park Dr, Boston

Distance: 4.4 mi

Price: Core menu for $140 (serves 4-6) and $260 (serves 8-10)

Option: Curbside pickup, no-contact delivery

Features: Slow roasted local turkey breast


The Beehive
Enjoy traditional Thanksgiving dinner either at their place or order. They are ready to deliver heat & serve family feast and enjoy at home.

Location: 541 Tremont St, Boston

Distance: 6.6 mi

Price: Dine-in $76 per person prix fixe, To go $275 (serves 4 people)

Option: Dine-in, Takeout, Delivery

Features: Traditional Thanksgiving menu


Blue Ribbon BBQ
Host a memorable holiday meal with mouth-watering Thanksgiving family feast. Available for pick up on Wednesday, November 25.

Location: 908 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington

Distance: 3.3 mi

Price: Based on order. Frozen prepared foods are available. $75 minimum purchase required.

Option: Curbside pickup, Delivery

Features: Groaning Table Turkey Feast (turkey and ham), Traditional Southern Feast (pork loin and brisket)


ICOB – Island Creek Oyster Bar
Enjoy traditional Thanksgiving dinner (serves 4 people) with sliced roasted turkey (white and black meat) with cornbread or oyster stuffing.

Location: 300 District Ave, Burlington

Distance: 13.3 mi

Price: $150

Option: Order and pick-up (Thanksgiving)

Features: Option for oyster stuffing


Farm-to-table Restaurants in Boston
Your traveling in Boston will remain incomplete without visiting the amazing farm-to-table restaurants, including-

  • Bondir – 279A Broadway, Cambridge (Curbside pickup, no-contact delivery)
  • Season to Taste - 2447 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge (Dine-in, curbside pickup, no-contact delivery)
  • Talulla - 377 Walden St, Cambridge (Dine-in, curbside pickup, no-contact delivery)
  • Ten Tables - 597 Centre St, Jamaica Plain (Dine-in, curbside pickup)

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Stay with us and explore the best locations, safe outdoor activities, amazing restaurants, and vibrant streets. For more details, contact us now!
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