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Unique Things To Do In Harvard Square

Explore Unique Things To Do In Harvard Square

Bustling with energy, Cambridge is all about the bookish life. At Harvard Square, you can while away the time watching hoards of students from the university wander about mingling with negotiating businesspeople, camera-wielding tourists, and city buskers. This diverse block of Cambridge is a people-watcher's paradise and boasts a large variety of historical sights, landmarks, & stunning architecture. A family trip to Harvard Square could take an entire day if you plan it right. This place has an attraction for everyone from young children to a more seasoned crowd. We compiled a list of the best attractions to visit and things you can do in Harvard Square to make your holiday in Cambridge a fulfilling one.

Take The Hahvahd Tour

What better way to explore Harvard than the Hahvahd Tour? Having started in 2006, students from the university share little known facts, fun stories, and rib-tickling puns while leading guests through the Harvard Yard. This is a great opportunity for aspiring students who want a taste of the Ivy League charm and envision themselves striding through the streets of Cambridge. Not only do you get to catch a glimpse of the school's culture, but you'll also get to see the upperclassmen dormitories and much more!

Catch A Show At The Brattle

This one-screen, independent theater attracts film buffs from every part of the state to partake in their themed weekends and screenings. The theater events often showcase artsy films followed by lively discussions with the directors or writers. It's a great place to try something out of the ordinary and you can easily kick back and grab a beer on your way into the auditorium.

Harvard Square at Night

Other than strolling through the square on a sunny day, visit the area when the moon shines amongst the starlit sky. Harvard square at night instantly transforms into a romantic escape where you and your loved one can enjoy a delightful evening in the city. Book a dinner for two and dine in style on the top floor of a Hong Kong restaurant. Many other exciting attractions come out at night such as the Comedy Studio stand-up show or simply wander the streets with ice cream from Lizzie's.

Grab A Slice At Pinocchio's Pizza

Pen in a must-visit place on your visit to Harvard Square. Possibly the best pizza place in town, Pinocchio's Pizza is worth every penny you spend. The walls are covered with photos of their infamous customers ranging from Steve Carrel to Mark Zuckerberg. Be sure to try their Sicilian style slices, big enough to fill your stomach for the rest of the day. Also, try their mouthwatering steak subs and walk off all the food as you explore the rest of Harvard Square.

Visit The Whispering Arch

There's an interesting spot in the area where you can experience an acoustical attraction. In Sever Quad, there's an archway within the Harvard Yard where you and a friend can whisper directly into the bricks for a fun surprise. Stand on one side of the arch and whatever you whisper can be clearly heard on the other side which stands approximately 12 feet away. Just like the old days when you pretended to speak through makeshift cup-phones, this is a telephone game you can't miss.

Wander Through The Harvard Book Store

This privately own bookstore has been around since 1932 and ever since has been a name to remember. When you want to take a break from shopping, spend a few minutes browsing through the store and if you're lucky - even attend a reading by your favorite author! In addition to a wide selection of books, HBS has its own printing press called the Espresso Book Machine, which can print books in the public domain on-demand. This place is for book-lovers everywhere

Stroll Along The Charles River

While you're in Harvard Square, don't skip out on a lovely walk by the Charles River. The best part about this is that you can get the added bonus of watching the Harvard Crew teams practice. Whether you see the men launch from Newell Boathouse or the women from Weld, it's an amazing display of collegiate athleticism. There are plenty of benches lined along the shore, so grab a seat and cheer away!

A visit to Harvard Square does not simply limit to the above activities. In fact, there are plenty of places to eat good food and historical museums to visit as well. Staying at the Freepoint Hotel Cambridge even gives you an ideal location, as the square is a mere five-minute drive away from the hotel! Come and relax at our Tapestry hotel after a busy day of exploring Harvard Square and snuggle into comfort. Our chic amenities cater to a variety of guests and you'll experience more than just being close to the city's well-known landmarks. Plan your visit today and mark your calendars with things you plan to see at Harvard Square.


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