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Navigating the Future of DoD S&T: A Talk with Dr. Melissa Flagg, ARL Northeast
5:00 PM - 11:59 PM Raytheon Missile Defense Center
Date: February 07, 2019 to February 07, 2019
Where: Raytheon Missile Defense Center, 235 Presidential Way, Woburn, Massachusetts, United States
Phone: N/A
Event Type: Business
Ticket Price: N/A
The Women in Defense Greater Boston Chapter (WID-GBC) announces an evening networking event with Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Northeast to discuss the globalization of S&T and future impact on the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) S&T programs.  The globalization of S&T has changed the way organizations innovate. Decentralized, locally-sourced innovations from regional, IP-rich communities are the norm, led by agile engineering organizations that rapidly source, prototype and deploy customer-centric S&T solutions. To get in front of this global innovation trend, the U.S. Army set up the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) Northeast as a local initiative designed to: 1) extend the Army's access to the best and brightest minds working in academia and industry across the Northeast, and 2) build a robust, sustainable community of scientists and engineers solving the Army's most pressing challenges.  With a local presence, ARL will work alongside university partners, small and large businesses, manufacturers, startup and accelerator communities, and other government agencies, to accelerate technology transitions from basic research and prototypes, to production and fielded products. The keynote speaker for this event is Dr. Melissa Flagg, the Lead for the ARL Northeast. Prior to joining ARL, she was the founder and CEO of Flagg Consulting Services, LLC.  She also worked with the University of Utah to re-examine the foundations of our scientific structures and served as an Adjunct Senior Fellow in the Technology and National Security Research Program at the Center for a New American Security.  Before starting her own company, she served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research within the DoD.  Prior to that, she worked in various roles at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the DoD, the Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Department of State. She has also served on a number of boards including the Emerging Technology Research Advisory Com
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