emoji with filler

Hand-embellished giclee on canvas

This colorful drawing located in the Secret Garden lounge space is an ode to how we use technology to express our emotions in 2017. It will be interesting to see if it stands the test of time.

About the Artist:

Suzanne Creighton Selman is an Atlanta, Georgia based visual artist who works predominantly in the medium of acrylic painting as well as mixed media, drawing, sculpture and sewing.  Selman completed her BA in Studio Art at the College of Charleston in South Carolina and then received a Tate Fellowship allowing her to continue art studies.  Selman has been creating artworks professionally for the hospitality industry for over a decade.  Her work can be found in private collections, numerous hotels and cruise ships in the United States and internationally.

Artist Statement:

My paintings are about visual bombardment.  I pun, blur, layer, fragment, and juxtapose, creating a disorienting iconography. The canvases suggest hidden agendas or anti-narratives that exceed interpretation. Ultimately, the work is about the noisy search of contemporary life.