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Cambridge Innovation in Cambridge

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Resin, Wire On Panel
A sewing machine, email and Guitar Hero- did you know these things are related? For a start, they are all part of the twelve hidden items in "Innovation in Cambridge," the dynamic Cambridge-themed art installation which lives behind Freepoint Hotel Cambridge, Tapestry Collection's front desk. This large mural celebrates the varied and various innovations that have come out of the City of Squares. In addition to the images listed above, look for Harvard University, a printing press, the Hasty Pudding Award, bicycling, a radar, a Polaroid, rowing, the Internet/ World Wide Web and a razor blade. Want the story behind each item? Ask the front desk….
So, how many images can you find?
About the Artist:
Przemyslaw Kordys was born in Poland and received his sculpture degree from The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland. He emigrated from Poland to Atlanta in 2002 and became a US citizen in 2011. Since moving to Atlanta, Kordys has been working as an artist/sculptor at CherryLion Studios as first assistant to master sculptor, Martin Dawe.
Since his inspiration comes from the classical, medieval and oriental forms, Kordys took an 18-month sabbatical and traveled the Far East to study oriental arts and cultures. Upon completion of his travels, he returned to CherryLion Studios to further develop his art. His sculptures are created in a variety of materials - metal, composites and ceramics. He focuses on simplified, abstracted human forms. Kordy's work has been placed in both residential and commercial settings throughout the country.
Artist Statement:
My focus as an artist is to create original sculptures that capture the essence of the human form and the implied continuum of flow and movement. Influenced by every aspect of my surroundings and environment, my work is primarily figurative. In many of my works, I have reduced the human figure to basic forms and layers, while seeking to capture the essence of movement and gesture; achieving a unity of balance, shape, texture and scale. I explore casting in a variety of mediums and continue to examine the spontaneous applications of various washes, patinas and finishing. My goal as an artist is to produce commissioned sculptural works for private or public use with the ability to mold, cast and patina the finished work.
Woman with Cape
Innovation in Cambridge
Birds, Composition 3
Fluid | Plastic
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