Green Initiatives at Freepoint Hotel

Freepoint Hotel is a green hotel, and we take environmental conservation seriously. We go to great lengths to preserve our community and natural resources like nearby Fresh Pond Reservation. Some of the ways we’re promoting conservation at our property include a comprehensive recycling program, energy efficient lighting throughout the hotel, and non-toxic cleaning products for laundry service and housekeeping.

Our concern for the environment can even be seen in the mini-bars, which are fully stocked with products in recyclable or biodegradable packaging (like aluminium cans instead of styrofoam).

Freepoint Hotel green initiatives include:

  • Installing energy-efficient lighting throughout the property.
  • Providing non-toxic cleaning products for laundry and housekeeping services.
  • Establishing a recycling program with recycling bins in every room.Stocking min-bars with snacks and beverages sold only in recyclable or biodegradable packaging.