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The Freepoint Channel on RADIOPUBLIC

Maybe you wouldn't expect a hotel to put together a podcast playlist for you. That's fair. Freepoint isn't your typical hotel in Cambridge. We have not only put together a number of playlists; we have our own podcast channel in RadioPublic, a free listening app (from a team that's Boston-based, naturally). Curious? Listen to it. You'll like it.
Here's a sample of an episode we feature on our channel:
When you're traveling, you want to experience the flavor of the place you're in. At Freepoint, we make it easy for you to immerse yourself in local flavor while you're here - through a curated collection of podcasts we've hand-selected especially for our guests. Venturing out to tour the city? Try the "Boston like a local" playlist, featuring episodes touching on the latest in regional sports, culture and history. Getting ready for dinner? Freepoint Executive Chef Matthew Gaudet has curated a playlist of food and drink-centric episodes. We even have a playlist dedicated to episodes to listen to before bed. For the best listening experience, download the RadioPublic App (iOS/Android) on your device, then search for Freepoint.
Stay tuned as the Freepoint Channel is regularly updated by our dedicated podcast DJ.
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