Thanksgiving takes on extra special meaning in Massachusetts, where the first version of the holiday was celebrated more than 350 years ago. Today, Thanksgiving traditions look slightly different (football! pie!), but the holiday is still focused on family, friends, and food. Here are 5 things to bring with you if you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in Cambridge.

Sweet Cupcakes

The name says it all, but you can’t go wrong when you bring treats from Sweet Cupcakes on Thanksgiving. The Massachusetts-based company bakes up specialty cupcakes this time of year so be sure to grab a dozen of ones like gingerbread and apple pie.

Central Bottle Wine + Provisions

Every Thanksgiving meal, no matter how traditional, will benefit from a bottle of wine. Wondering what pairs best with stuffing and turkey? The staff at Central Bottle will help pick out the right vino for your meal or point you to ones that will complement many different dishes if you’re not sure what’s on the menu. If you’re trying to make an impression, opt for one of the gift baskets stocked with wine, cheese, chocolate, and accessories.

Central Florist

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a beautiful bouquet of flowers or structured centerpiece. Central Florist has been assembling beautiful flowers since the 1920s and they’ll be sure to have the perfect floral gift for you to bring for Thanksgiving. Bonus: They’re located right outside the Central Square T stop.

Formaggio Kitchen

Cheese is just, well, cheese until Formaggio Kitchen gets its hands on the product. The knowledgeable staff at the store can help you pick from the rows of decadent cheese, whether you’re looking for cow and sheep’s milk to soft, creamy varieties and harder versions best eaten with crackers and fruit spread. The store also sells fresh produce, beautiful jams, spices and kitchen accessories so you can bring the cheese and the board as well.

L.A. Burdick Chocolates

Chocolate never looked so good as it does under the artful hands of the team at L.A. Burdick Chocolates in Harvard Square. White, dark, and milk chocolate varieties are transformed into detailed mice with silk tails (Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg had them at his wedding) and delicate bon bons flavored with whiskey and Earl Grey tea. Pick up one of the brand’s small wooden boxes packed with the delicious truffles and caramels as a hostess gift.