Cambridge and Boston enthusiasts were at a loss when chef Matthew Gaudet’s much-lauded Kendall Square restaurant West Bridge closed at the end of 2015, so it was a relief to see him reappear behind the line at the new Freepoint Kitchen & Cocktails. Situated in the lobby of the Freepoint Hotel, Freepoint Kitchen serves breakfast and dinner, with Gaudet’s innovative style of casual shareable plates, including dishes like House Roasted Pork Cubano and bacon roasted nuts. We spoke with Gaudet about Freepoint Kitchen becoming a neighborhood hangout and that soon-to-be infamous Manhattan menu.  

What are a few dishes that guests and neighborhood locals shouldn’t miss at Freepoint Kitchen?

“Absolutely don’t miss the spicy broccoli and miso bagna cauda or the whisky-cured salmon and cucumber salad. Those are some of my favorites. The garlicky broccoli paired with the bright acidity of the Granny Smith apples is a super delicious and craveable snack. The refreshing cucumber noodles intertwined with the cured salmon and mixed with a sweet and spicy date puree is a really fun and light salad that I could eat everyday.”

What do you enjoy most about being anchored inside the Freepoint Hotel?

“Having previously lived in the neighborhood for a few years, I know that I was always hoping for nice bar to slide into and have a few bites of food while unwinding. So to be able to be that person is really fun and having the opportunity to pair up with the Freepoint Hotel is great. They were really open to my thoughts for the concept.”

How do the food and drink menus complement each other?

“Our primary focus on the bar was to be comforting and familiar with travelers and stick to classics. With that we focused on the Manhattan and the many cocktails derived from that drink. The food is meant to complement the beverages as well and we’ve incorporated some of the liqueurs into our food, curing the salmon in whisky and cooking bacon in bourbon.”

How does the Freepoint Kitchen concept compare to your other concept, Superfine, in Manchester by the Sea?

“Superfine is the king of fun comfort food built for all ages in a fast-paced, energetic environment. Freepoint is designed for the grazing lounging moments while resting up from traveling and meetings. They are both meant to satisfy the everyday needs of their neighborhoods.”